March 13th, 2016

Inspiration At Aquarium

Saturday, the rain and the strong wind stopped and the warm sun came out. After convincing myself that the white shadow was not a cancer but the port, (that doesn’t mean real cancer is stable though,) I was ready to have a good family day to celebrate one month belated birthday of the second son, who flew in from San Francisco.

We drove to the aquarium in Long Beach. It was not so big like Sea World in San Diego, but I fully enjoyed watching especially colorful tropical fish swimming around beautiful corals and sea-flower-like anemones, Long Beach Aqualium
exotic jellyfish, Jelly Fish

sea dragons, which were like imaginal creatures in a fairy tale, etc.

leafy Sea Dragon

A leafy sea dragon.

Reading unique and sometimes funny names of the sea creatures, I imagined how Adam, the first human being, named plants and animals God gave him, and was in awe being moved by God’s incredible creativity. Everything was adorable, cleverly-made, and beautiful. Yet probably what I saw was nothing compared with Heaven. God’s Kingdom must be filled of much more beauty and everything must be reachable without paying an admission fee! 🙂