March 3rd, 2016

A Robber Was Caught

Yesterday, a Torrance detective informed us that the police caught one of four, who broke into our house last Tuesday.
The detective said the guy still had the safe box.
George and I haven’t picked up the passports, which were recovered by the Long Beach detective since we haven’t been able to contacted him, but The reason why he called us at 1am two days ago, was maybe he found the robber and needed a verification that the passports were ours, so that he could move to arrest the guy.
As the robber still had a safe box, it is hopeful to recover all the things he stole from us. The other three are under surveillance, too, according to the Torrance detective.
It was just a week from the robbery. I was so impressed with the ability of Torrance and Long Beach police, and deeply thankful for them!
Now we can sleep peacefully.