March 1st, 2016

Phone Call At Midnight

It was about 1am. Finishing the bookkeeping, I was about to take a shower and go to bed. All of sudden, the phone rang loudly in the soundless house.

Is it from Japan? Something happened to Mom? Getting nervous, I looked at the caller ID of the phone. There was a phone number with an unfamiliar area code instead of a name. I get such a phone call almost everyday. Usually I don’t answer them but let the voice mail take the messages, and most of the time they don’t leave any messages. Yet, it was a midnight. I decided to answer the phone. ” Hello..Hello..” I said several times, but no response. I hung up, and then right away the same person called again.

“This is Long Beach Police. Are you Kazuyo? Did you lose the passports?”

Police? How come the ID didn’t say the police? He wants to talk about the passports at such a late hour?—really?

Being suspicious, I woke George up and gave the receiver. The caller said he was a detective, and as he found our stolen passports, he wants to come shortly to bring them back to us. He asked our address.

George asked, “How can I identify you are the police?”
The detective gave George his name and the phone number to confirm. George did call the number, and then a woman answered and confirmed his name. Yet, the robbers who broke into our house a week ago included a young woman. They could be pretending like the police officers.

George called Torrance Police this time and asked for the verification giving the detective’s name. Torrance police said the name was verified, and we could go to Long Beach Police to pick up the passports instead of letting him deliver them. George followed the advice, but the name could be used and still everything could be the deception. A group of the robbers may be coming to our house in a minute! I hid the cash, checkbooks, jewelry, etc, again. George held a car key, which had an alarm button for the case of emergency, and told me, who wanted to take a shower, to lock the door of the shower room, and leave the phone receiver close to me so that I could call 911 (the police emergency line) any time.

Taking a shower, I prayed for our safety.

The night passed without any danger and the morning came peacefully just as usual. I felt like I was in a drama. Perhaps we are paranoid. The robbers already know we don’t have many to steal. When I go to the police department, I’d like to ask where he found the passports and why it was so urgent to come to our house in the late night. I will find out soon.