Will Reduce Afinitor

” So how are you doing with 7.5mg?”

The oncologist asked me at a monthly check up, which came up last week because her schedule was full in March.

I complained about seven new changes:

1. Bleeding from the nose is now all the time without stopping from the time I get up till the time I go to bed.
2. Mouth sores are appearing again.
3. The both legs are swelling and I am taking diuretic.
4. Muscle cramps are more often
5. Peripheral neuropathy is getting worse and sometimes my fingers get red and painful even with a small pressure.
6. Hands are drier.
7. After I was stressed, or when I stay up late at night, I have shortness of breath.

After listening to me, the oncologist said unexpectedly, “Then we should go back to 5mg,” though the platelet counts were slightly better than last week. I hate the side-effects get aggravated, but don’t want to see cancer growing, either.
” Is it OK?” I asked.
” Well, what else can we do? You have many things wrong,” said she.
“Finish what you have. Then go back to 5mg. ”
I chose to trust her decision.

Regarding #7, as I told her that I experienced a difficulty of breathing at the night when the robbery happened and I didn’t sleep until after 3:30am, she was surprised with the robbery.
” Yes. I thought I had more than enough with cancer, my husband’s Parkinson’s, unemployment, etc. Then now a robbery. I wonder what’s next. ” As I said that with a smile, she laughed, too, and said the shortness of breath might be a panic attack. If it is because of cancer or a side-effect, the symptom is consistent and gets worse–she said.
She asked if I wanted to see a psychiatrist, but as I didn’t want to add more drugs, I declined.

At the end of the clinic, she said, ” I hope I will hear some good news next time (4/28).”
Well, in April before the next appointment, I will have a CT scan to see if Afinitor is working or not. This can be bad news, again, but at the end of March, George and I have a plan to go to Dana Point to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. If I reduce the dosage of Afinitor, perhaps I can enjoy the trip. Then I can bring good news!

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