After-Effects of Robbery

It has been about 20 years since we have lived in this house. Next door is an adult school, where people are in and out until around 9pm. As the street in front of our house is a short-cutting to two major streets, the traffic is quite busy. In other words, there are always some eyes around our house.

When Pepper (our beloved beagle) was alive, the glass door to the backyard was always open, during summer all windows were open day and night even when we were out. Sometimes I forgot to close the garage door or lock the front door. In spite of that, we were never broken into.

Yet, it has been three years since Pepper is gone. The incidence of the robbery was the painful lesson to remind me never to take advantage of the good past; pay more attention for the security.

The man dropped the spare key of my car, but we found out later that he took the spare key of George’s car. George was so worked up that night worrying the group of the robbery might come back, that he put a BB gun and a knife near him. I was too scared and nervous to go to the bedroom, where the stranger made a big mess. We decided to sleep on the couches, but didn’t sleep until even after 3am.

Next morning, a female police, who was in black pants and a black jacket, came to collect fingerprints and take pictures. It appeared that the man tried different windows to break into, and the police said that she could get good footprint on a lid of a BBQ grill and fingerprints on the front gate.

Watching the police dusting for the fingerprints, George gave her his book, “Dusting for God’s Fingerprints”. It was an unexpected co-incidence.

I thought it was a miracle that the real valuables such as the cash, credit cards, check books, jewelries, etc were not stolen, but probably he didn’t have enough time to steal them because the neighbors noticed them. In the video of a neighbor across the street recorded about 30 minutes from when the young men arrived at our house till they ran away.

Though the loss was minimum, yesterday and today George and I were busy making numerous phone calls to inform the crime, and going to banks to change the accounts. We are talking about fixing the outdoor lights, buying the security system, or even a dog again. We are now hiding everything as we go out even for a short time.

Maybe because of the stress, or because I didn’t have enough sleep, I was laying on a couch almost a half day feeling sick yesterday, and today although a headache and chill were gone, peripheral neuropathy hurt my fingers.

Though after-effects are pretty heavy, friends are reaching out to us offering many kinds of help. This is another God’s fingerprints! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!


The things the robbery dropped on the side way. A glue, book tabs, pens, etc–This man may be a student!

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