The House Was Broken Into

Last night around 7:30, while George and I were at the Bible study at the church, our house was broken into.
The first person who noticed the abnormality was a daughter of our next-door neighbors. She called 911 and us. As we got home, where the neighbors were watching our house standing on the street, two police cars were already in front of our house.

With two police officers , George and I went into the house from the back yard. The family room, kitchen, and living room seemed fine. But George’s study, my study, and our bedroom were messes. The burglar stole our safety box, in which were George’s passport, birth certificate, car pink slips, etc., George’s watches, tie pins cuff buttons, tax related documents, an old broken laptop, and my backpack.

I was worried the cash and the checkbooks, but Surprisingly they were not touched, and so were jewelries. He tried to steal our son’s Mercedes in the garage and my Corolla on the driveway, but they didn’t find the Mercedes’ key and as the neighbor noticed, he dropped the spare key of the Corolla in the sideway, being in a hurry to run away.

Our next door and across the street have video cameras for the protection, and those cameras caught two young guys watching on the street while one more guy was knocking on the front door. Knowing nobody answered the door, this guy got into house breaking a window of one of the bedrooms.

Tuesday is my chemo day as well. Sometimes I get too sick to go to the Bible study and stay in bed not answering the door or phone. If I had been home alone last night, what would’ve happened to me?–It is frightening!
Besides two videos, which caught the burglars, the next-door daughter chased one of the guys, who was running to their car, and saw his face. Another neighbor took a picture of the car also. Today the police will come again to take the pictures and fingerprints. All seem helpful to track down the burglars.

The loss could’ve been much worse, and I am so thankful for our neighbors, who watched our house and acted so promptly, our Bible study folks, who prayed for us, and our God, who prevented our house from a much more serious harm.

4 thoughts on “The House Was Broken Into

  1. How terrible! I am so sorry this happened to you and George!
    I hope the robber will be caught and that everything will be returned to you.
    Love to both of you!

  2. So sorry. One more. Thing you have to deal with. Prayers and thoughts are with you two. Love Judy

  3. Thank you for the kind words! Fixing the losses and renewing the safety take so much time from us,but we are still thankful if we think the losses could’ve been much worse.

  4. My gosh Kathy this is so frightening. I was watching your blog and had not seen anything since Feb 14 so I wanted to check to see if you were ok. I never thought I would see this. Than goodness you and George are ok. With much love, Aunt Pat

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