God Never Gives Up On Us

“The Almighty has made life very bitter for me. I went away full, but the Lord has brought me home empty. Why call me Naomi when the Lord has cause me to suffer and the Almighty has sent such tragedy upon me?”

Naomi, who lived around 1000 B.C. lost her husband and two sons one after another in a foreign land, returned to her home country, Judah, being defeated with her foreign daughter-in-law Ruth, who insisted to be with her for the rest of her life.

Women had to depend on men 100% to live life during those days. Naomi was too old to be remarried, and even though she had Ruth, as a foreign woman, what Ruth could do was only to pick up the left over grains after others harvested, and sell them in order to make a little money.

When life makes a turn to an unexpected direction, or afflictions happens one after another, we become hopeless like Naomi. Her resentment towards God is very understandable.

However, the story of Ruth in the Old Testament starts from there.

Ruth, who worked hard for Naomi all day, everyday, drew attention from Boaz, a wealthy relative of Naomi, and eventually she married him. Naomi was blessed again as a mother-in-law being provided for financially, having her family name carried on, and becoming an ancestor of King David and even Jesus, who was born about one thousand years later.

When we feel like our lives are pitch dark, we become so devastated that we are easily tempted to choose something distractive, harmful or even fatal. We become blind with the blessings God provided us. Yet God is watching us continually.

The story of Ruth first spoke to me that even if I feel like life is over, or there is no more hope, I have to stay in the faith because He will never give up on us. Then secondly my focus moved to the romance between Ruth and Boaz…(will continue in the next post.)

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  1. Thank you for this biblical story. I am looking forward to the next installment!

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