Platelet Count Improved

On a day of the infusion, I asked about the platelet count as soon as a nurse opened my medical record in the computer. The platelet count, which has been declining straight since I started Afinitor, went down to 136K mg, (the bottom number of the standard is 130K), two weeks ago.

Then the surprise answer came back: “it is 265k mg.”

“265? Are you sure? The last time it was 136.” I asked again.

“Yes. It is 265. So now the doctor wants you to increase Afinitor to 7.5mg.”

Wow! I can’t believe it!

As the mouth sores are gone, I thought my body was getting used to Afinitor, but the platelet count has improved, too? I had noticed that the blood sugar and cholesterol levels improved, as well. What has happened to me? I don’t think I did anything different. This must be God’s intervention. The prayers were granted!

I am still cautious about the side effects getting worse once I increase the dose, but from tonight, I will increase the Afinitor dose from 5mg to 7.5mg. This is a good move.
Thank you, God!

4 thoughts on “Platelet Count Improved

  1. Kathy what great news. God is watching over you I can feel it. Keep up the good thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Thank you so much for your supports and prayers! This good news was all because of many prayers, and I had been gone long time ago without them!

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