Heart Function Is Better

The doctor said the heart ECHO this time was better than last time; actually better than the average. Praise the Lord!

Three weeks ago when I took the first ECHO of this year, my blood pressure also arose, and it hit 160. That’s why I was worried as the doctor said the ECHO result showed the heart function was declining. Yet, perhaps that time I was under stress. Now the blood pressure came down to the normal range, too, so I am very thankful.

On the other hand, the platelet count went down again to 136. Bloody nose and skin itch has began, as well as more mouth sores. All of them are the side-effects of Afinitor.

Then, today as the next day of the infusion, after dinner, I became nauseous, chilly, and had a bad headache. Being overwhelmed by the multiple side-effects, I was tempted to skip Afinitor, the oral medicine.
Perhaps those symptoms are not from Afinitor but other chemo, Abraxane. Wondering if I should take or not take Afinitor all night, after all I chose not to.

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