December 30th, 2015

The Genomic Test Result Arrived

First the white cell count dropped into the normal range. Thank you God!

Now after I asked for the status of the genomic test, the report finally came through email. On the first page of the 30 page report, I read there were 7 therapies and 16 clinical trials “with possible clinical benefit” for me. I was excited with the numbers as if the sun came out of the dark cloud. Yet as I read further carefully, I noticed that it was too early to get so excited.

First four out of the seven therapies are Herceptin, Tykerb, Perjeta, and TDM1, all of which I have already used. The other three are:
1) Affinitor for Hormone positive breast cancer
2) Afatinib for lung cancer
3) Torisel for renal cancer
Affinitor being available is good news but other two drugs seem to have harsh side effects and less effectiveness comparing with Affinitor.

The most of the recommended critical trials are still in phase one, which means both effectiveness and side-effects are unknown yet, and performed out of CA, or for hormone positive, which I am not qualified.

After all, I felt like I had opened a fake fruit basket, which has lots of stuffing at the bottom, but a few fruits only on the top–At a glance it looks like there are many options, but actually the realistic option seems only Affinitor.

Recently I see advertisements of genomic tests even on TV. They make me think as though such tests would confirm cancer cells dying by certain drugs in a beaker. Yet an actual test finds alterations of DNA, and match with drugs and clinical trials that target such alterations. They may work well with mild side-effects or may not.
I wonder if $5k was worthwhile for the test or not, but I should wait to hear what the oncologist will say about the result. The next appointment with her is 1/5/16.