December 27th, 2015

Neutrophils (White Blood Cell) Skyrockets

Since Chemo Abraxane knocks down Neutrophil counts, in order to boost up the counts, taking a shot of Neupogen for three days after the infusion has been my new routine. Though I had to cancel the infusion at the beginning of the regimen, Neupogen kept me on the truck keeping the counts in the standard range until last week.

The blood test last week showed Neutrophil counts increased 10 times, from 4.9 (12/14) to 41.6(12/20). While the instruction is to start the shot next day of the infusion and continue for three days, the week before the last week, I delayed the shot one day, and finished it the day before the next blood test, which was one day earlier than the originally scheduled. Maybe that affected the abnormal increase, but I read that Neupogen can cause Leukemia, which is blood cancer with abnormal high count of Neutrophils. The doctor ordered not to shoot Neupogen until this weekend.

I will have another blood test tomorrow, and see if the number is down in normal range.