December 24th, 2015

Santa Went To Town Again

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!”
This year again Micah’s Santa went out to the town carrying the white potato sack, which was filled with gifts.
How long has he been a Santa? At least more than 10 years, I think. He is now in his mid 50s with gray hair, but he still looks forward to this day so bad that he starts bugging George calling him, once Halloween is over.
“When will we do it?”
“Micah, Christmas is after Thanksgiving.”
Although George answers, soon after, he calls and asks the same question, again.
He has such a childlike innocent heart. at home
Usually I stay at home, but this year I asked George to take me together.
The first stop was a house of an old couple; a husband has a bad lungs and eye, and the wife has a bad heart. I used to give her rides for Sunday services, but as her health declined, she stopped going to the church. Our conversation also declined.W: Bell
For Micah, this is the first time to meet them. It was around 6pm and the outside was already dark. Approaching the house, which looked dark, we hoped someone was still there, and Yes! I saw the light at the kitchen and the husband was there.
Micah yelled.   George and I also yelled.

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!”
Recognizing us, the husband called his wife, who was lying on the couch watching TV.
“Oh my! What a surprise! Please come in!”
They offered us to sit down, but the Santa is busy tonight. So leaving the gift, we headed to the next stop, a 94 year old widow’s apartment.
Last year she thought Micah Santa was a burglar or something and got scared. So this year, just in case, I knocked on the door. After a while, she finally answered, “I’m coming.” The door was opened, and there was a small lady with a big surprise.
“Oh! Santa Clouse!”
“I love Santa!”W: Betty
She put her thin arms around the Santa’s big berry, and gave a big hug.

She also wanted us to sit down for a while, but the Santa had to go.

The third stop was a family, who lost the mother/wife with breast cancer several years ago, and then the last stop was Micah’s group home. As his white sack became empty, we went to have his favorite hamburger.
On the way home back, Micah said many times, “George, thank you. Kathy, thank you.”
Seeing the people excited joyously so much, now I understand why Micah can’t wait for the day he becomes Santa. It doesn’t matter how old he is, no wonder he can’t stop it. Micah, who used to know only the joy to receive, now discovered the much bigger joy to give. It was a fruit produced by George, who wanted to teach Micah the real meaning of Christmas and made it as a tradition.
I am so glad to have been a witness!