December 9th, 2015

CT Result: Cancer Growing Continually

I knew my chance to shrink cancer with Abraxane was slim, but the prediction and hope are not the same, and I always wait for a test result with fear and  hope for a miracle. However, the CT result I finally received could not beat the prediction. The tumors in the lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes were growing even with a new 9mm lesion/metastasis. It was fortunate that there was no description of metastasis in the liver in spite of the recent elevation of liver enzymes.

I will discuss the next step with my new oncologist tomorrow, but now my hope is mostly the genomic test I sent the specimen to the lab, Foundation Medical in MA last week. The result of the test should be back within two weeks.

After receiving the bad result of the CT as well as the infusion, I chose to help a Japanese family, whose daughter was carried to ER the night before, at a different hospital for an interpretation. If my heart is heavy, I am reluctant to go and serve, but I always find myself at a better place after then.

At night at the Bible study, several friends showed up with their wigs on knowing I would come also with the new crazy long hair wig. So I gave one wig to George to wear. Geo with a wig There were lots of laughter as well as prayers for me. Though the CT result was disappointing, I thanked God for the laughter and the good friends.