If You Are Betrayed

When a breast cancer friend was dying, her gray haired husband, who has shared good and bad times together for more than 50 years, was faithfully serving her and right next to her until the very end.
Although cancer battle is so ferocious, if you have a loving partner, the death was not the defeat— I thought so.
Yet, I learned that the reality was not always so nice.

Sometimes an astronomical cost of the treatment overwhelms the household economy and a patient is blamed by the spouse for that.

Sometimes because of the change of the figure like loosing hair and breast, or loss of the intimacy at night either due to cancer progression or side-effects of chemo, the spouse may run for different women.

Cancer can destroy not only the body, but also the finance and marriage. How despairing it is to die being betrayed by the one you believed, on top of loosing everything! I have total sympathy for such women and get angry at their unfaithful husbands, but if I think myself in their shoes, they appear as the victims of cancer, also. Overall, we are all weak pathetic human beings.

When the life turn to an unexpected direction, and realize that you lost the control completely, you may want to run away to alcohols, drugs, gambling, or sex outside of the marriage instead of facing the trials.
If that happened to me, could I still express gratitude to the husband instead of becoming resentful?
Could I be willing to understand or accept his burden?
Could I take the beat which almost shattered the soul and forgive him?

Without the help from The Lord, I don’t think I can with my own strength.
On the cross, Jesus, who was betrayed, humiliated, and beaten, asked, ” Father, please forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”
Even if the partner is totally jerk hopelessly and we had to die all alone, I hope we can still find peace in Jesus begging Him for Grace and Lve.

2 thoughts on “If You Are Betrayed

  1. Sadly, this happens sometimes. If the marriage was strong before the illness, forgiveness comes more easily.

  2. You are absolutely right. We should never take advantage of our relationship. We have to keep “the fire” going throwing the logs in no matter how long you are married. We have to keep expressing our appreciations and affections inviting Jesus in our relationship al the time.

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