November 9th, 2015

Optimistic About Scans

Welcoming my high school friends from Japan, I had a busy week, driving to Downtown LA, Hollywood, Big Bear, Queen Mary, and Reagan Museum. Though I was not sure if I could make it to spend the whole week with them, I could drive, walk, and cook without even being bothered by numbness and tingling of the feet. It was a good week!

Then after sending them off with tears at LAX, I headed to Kaiser for a bone scan, which was ordered due to a rising liver enzyme, ALP.
I expect the result coming back in a week,but since I have no pain, and perhaps I had a fun week, I am optimistic about the result.

The next day, Monday, I went to have Herceptin, which closed the 2nd full cycle of the current regimen. In four weeks, when one more cycle is done, I will have a CT scan to evaluate the regimen of Abraxan and Herceptin. For this one, also, I am optimistic right now because a cough, which I believed clonic and was due to the tumor– the oncologist thought, stopped after I increased the dose of a cough medicine from 1/3 to the full described dose, as well as a chest pain.

If so, I could have one more joyous holiday season!