Relation between Neutrophil and Lymphocyte

Passing a lab test this week, I could complete an Abraxane cycle-three weeks in a row followed by a week off-for the first time since I started this regimen from this September. Because I had canceled the infusion already twice, even after I sat in a chemo chair, I was afraid that the cancelation might happen any time until a nurse really hang the drug on the pole.

This week the lab result showed one of the white blood cell counts, Neutrophil, was slightly above the standard range, while Lymphocyte, another type of white blood cell count, was slightly below the standard range. As I told the nurse that I was concerned this could cancel the infusion, she said that Neutrophil and Lymphocyte are in a relative relation, so if one increases, the other decreases.

I had no idea of such a thing, but now it made sense. When the count of Neutrophil improved by Neutrogena, a shot, the reason why the count of Lymphocyte went down was not because I stopped a mushroom supplement AHCC but simply the Neutrophil count went up.

The nurse continued that maybe the Neutrophil count went so high because the dose of Neutrogena was too high. I asked if it’s because I was infected so Neutrophill was fighting against the agent of the infection increasing the number. This week I took a diuretic since I felt like I was passing less urine and the feet were a little swollen. The doctor ordered a urinary test, but it came back negative. Then I asked if I needed to reduce the dose of Neupogina, but the doctor said, “No,” again.

I won’t check my blood counts until the following week, but I am glad that I could learn something important again. Our body is a total mystery and festinating.

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  1. BTW – I ordered a book from Amazon all about the science of AHCC. Have you read it? I will share with you if you haven’t read it. I should receive it by the 4th

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