October 24th, 2015

Continue AHCC

Abraxan I started in September has a side effect of lowering white cell count, especially on Neutrophils. Mine was also affected and went down below standard range. The doctor ordered Newpogina, a shot to boost up the neutrophils count.

At that time, I gave up taking a supplement, AHCC, (an extract of mushrooms), which I had taken since before this summer, thinking this was not helpful.

The following week, the lab test showed the recovery of Neutrophills, but decrease of other white cell counts, such as Lymphcytes, Monocytes, and Eosinophils: Especially the count of Lymphcytes was out of the standard range.

All the white cells are vital elements of the immune system. If the immune system gets weak, we are susceptible to any kinds of disease and may even die by an infection.

Wondering if the reason of the drop was halting AHCC, I resumed it. Then the next week all the numbers improved and now they are in the standard range. I could have the infusion.

I don’t feel different so much and am on the couch sleeping for hours after the infusion, but assuming AHCC is working, I decided to continue taking it again.