Options May Increase By Doctor

“She is good.”

Satisfied with the new oncologist I left the hospital.

Actually I was her patient twice when the previous oncologist was on maternity leaves. I’ve sensed she was sharp during those times, and that’s why I requested her as my new doctor.

She gave me two options today:

One is NCI-Match/EAY131 clinical trial. Studying a patient’s cancer tumor, the researchers find out the best personal drug for the patient. This is a phase ll clinical trial.

The other one compares a new drug, Talazoparib or BMN673, which was designed for inherited breast cancer (all types), with a conventional drug, which a doctor chooses.

For NCI-Match study, a cancer tumor has to be at least 1.5cm. Since mine is still less than 1.5cm according to the last CT scan, this trial will be an option in the future.

For inherited breast cancer trial, since I don’t have anyone who had breast cancer in my family or relatives, It seems unlikely for me to have a genetic gene of breast cancer, and even if so, as the criteria of the trial limits only two regimen exposure for a candidate, I, who am on the 5th regimen don’t look eligible for the trial.

Anyway, I took both saliva and blood tests to find out if my cancer is genetic or not.

While the previous oncologist gave me only one choice from the next options, this new doctor wants to pursue every option including three from Dr. Slamon. (1. MM302 clinical trial 2. Affinitor + Herceptin 3. Halaven+ Herceptin) I feel like this difference is significant.

The doctor also ordered a bone scan because one of liver enzymes, ALP has been elevating since this summer and this could mean that cancer spread to the bones.

Listening to her, who made quick moves as if shooting many bullits, I thought I don’t need to be on guard all the time but relax trusting her.
It was an experience of learning that  options might increase by a doctor

3 thoughts on “Options May Increase By Doctor

  1. So glad you are able to trust and like your new doctor. It will be good for you not to have to investigate all new trials yourself. A wise move and decision to change doctors, Kathy.

  2. I will pray for this new Dr that God will guide her and she is his choice for you. Bless you Kathy and the new Dr. Ma

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