October 20th, 2015

6th Birthday Since Diagnosis

Friday was chemo day. So I didn’t feel great next day. Yet, I could celebrate my 61st birthday a little early with George, the sons, the daughter-in-law, and the mother-in-law on Saturday. This is the 6th birthday since my diagnosis of breast cancer.

Soh, who flew from San Francisco, was also sick. Yet while both of us were lying on the two couches, the rest of the family made plenty of lunch, which didn’t have enough space on the table. Having a meal at the table with my beloved family made me so happy as usual.

After the delicious lunch, we watched the movie, “Terminal”.
A story about a foreign man (Tom Hanks), who came to the US to accomplish his diseased father’s dream but wounded up living in the airport without being able to put a foot on US land or go back to his own country because his passport became invalid due to a war breaking out in his small country just when he arrived at a JF Kennedy Airport. In the climax of the movie the man was about able to get into the U.S land, but he was pressured by an administrator of the airport to leave for his country otherwise his good friends he made during his living at the airport would be laid off and one of them would be even deported. The man chose to leave giving up his purpose to accomplish the father’s dream, and listening to a friend, who had no idea why the man chose to leave, yelling at him as coward, he sadly headed to the terminal. I saw Jesus in the man’s sacrifice for his friends, and it touched me deeply.

I wish I had more energy to interact with the family, but I am grateful that I could make it to the 6th birthday surrounded by my beloved family and friends. 61 doesn’t sound young, but finding out this cancer blog has had viewers from 30 countries, I am greatly encouraged. God is still equipping me, and perhaps I can do more for His Kingdom. Giving thanks for God who is sustaining my life, I pray that I could make it to one more birthday producing more fruits!