Closure With Doctor

“Thank you so much fro being my doctor for 5 and a half years..”
With a thank you note with this opening and an Amazon’s gift card, I went to see the oncologist.

She has been taking care of me since my diagnoses. She always has taken enough time to listen to me patiently and emailed me even after 11pm. She has cared about George and asked always how he was. She was a very caring doctor, and that’s why I stayed with her until today.

Yet, I have required a huge maintenance and the treatment in “the textbook” has not been enough. As the difficulty has increased, I often found myself as being frustrated and unsatisfactory with what I was given. Although I have Dr. Slamon for a 2nd opinion doctor, I can’t afford to go each time to ask his opinion.

I could change the doctor without seeing or saying anything to her, but it’s in the same oncology department in the same hospital. Most importantly she has been so good to me. It was appropriate to show the appreciation and move on.

“ Since I feel like I’ve moved into a new phase of the treatment, I’d like to have a fresh start.”

The oncologist accepted my request graciously and gave me a hug at the end. Maybe because I was a pain on the neck for her, it was a relief for her. Anyhow it was a good closure and I am thankful that we could do so.

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