Canceled Chemo Again

My cough and running nose never have stopped like a broken alarm and faucet. The night before Friday, I was concerned if I could have chemo next day. I tried my best taking all kinds of supplements and remedies, but it didn’t cease and I had to cancel the chemo.
The lab result this week showed more improvement of Neutrophill, a white blood cell, though another white blood cell, lymphocyte went down below the standard.

I don’t get why one kind of WBC improved but another got down, but I was afraid that my symptom would get worse with the infusion.

Blowing my nose, I wonder if the reason why I was too sick to have chemo was because I pushed to have Abraxane last week despite of the doctor’s order not to have it. Yet, I also thought, no, it was good to push last week, otherwise, I would’ve wound up to miss Abraxane for three weeks.

Either way, I have had a rough ride with Abraxane. Hope I can recover quickly so that I won’t miss the next infusion.

One thought on “Canceled Chemo Again

  1. I am praying Kathy that you will be well enough for the next treatment. God Bless you and keep you in his care. Mom

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