October 5th, 2015

3rd Infusion of Abraxane

Two weeks ago, I was told to be off Abraxane for next two weeks because my white blood cell count was too low. I understand if the WBCC is too low, I can’t do anything. But two weeks? After 5 weeks off from all the treatments, I finally got back on chemo. It is frustrating and concerning.

I asked the oncologist if I could start it right away once my WBCC bounced back. The doctor said, “No,” because it would mess up the cycle.

Yet, still I didn’t get it. I receive Herceptin, another drug, every week. No matter when I receive Abraxane, it doesn’t affect Herceptin. Abraxane is supposed to be taken three weeks in row followed by a week off and I understand it is for giving a break to the body to recover from the side-effects. If so, once WBCC becomes nomal, why do I have to wait another week?

I kept asking the questions, and had the plan changed, adding Abraxane onto Herceptin last Friday.

With Neupogena, the drug to boost up WBCC, my weekend was better than the past, and I could have what I wanted,Abraxane, but for the doctor, I must be a huge pain in the neck.  I feel sorry.