October 3rd, 2015

Testimony #5: The Ministry Was The Preparation For Cancer

From there everything has changed. Volunteering has always brought me close to God and words in the Bible have started breathing. Each time when a donor gave an organ and a patient was saved, I felt like I was watching a rerun of the cross. A donor who gave life by shedding blood and tears overlapped with Jesus who had died on the cross in order to give us the eternal life. Jesus is my donor! I thought, and He has become precious more and more.

As I came to love Jesus like George did, arguments between us ceased. As our relationship became better, the relationship between our sons and us became better, also.

The organ transplant ministry lasted for 13 years until 2009 when the hospital renewed the facilities and the medical cost almost raised double. The patients started going to the east coast looking for a cheaper hospital and stopped coming to UCLA. The organ transplant ministry ended.

Then a half year later, in May 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
God knew what was coming to me, so He closed the organ transplant ministry. That’s how I feel.

The diagnoses turned my life upside down and I was dismayed. I thought my days might be numbered. Then how should I live? –I pondered. If I die and meet the Lord in Heaven soon, I should know Him better. So I decided to retire from the school district to study the Bible, to give time to the church, and to support other cancer patients.

This was a right decision. I’ve been able to develop friendships and fellowships with so many different people. As I’m surrounded by the loving people, it is like being held by God’s hand.

When I was in organ transplant ministry, I thought I was helping and supporting others. Yes. God called me, who was nobody with a little “talents”, so that it was clear that the all the good works were done because of Him. Yet, I also realized that God gave me the ministry as a preparation or the training ground for my new challenge, the breast cancer.

I had seen how much the patients longed for the donors, how much sacrifice the donors and their families paid, how precious it was to be able to just breath the air without depending on machines. I had learned everything is Grace, Gifts, and we are not entitled for anything. There is God who is called, Immanuel, who promised never to forsake us no matter what happens, and the death is not the final word!

Everything I experienced and learned in the organ transplant ministry has helped me.