Testimony #2: God Was Coming After Me

George, who worried about my spiritual growth, suggested looking for a Japanese church.

So I did. I found a small Japanese church congregating at current Double Tree Hotel. On the first day when I met the Japanese pastor, who learned that George used to be a pastor before he became an English teacher, he immediately told me that he wanted George to work for his church. He wanted to build a bilingual church and was looking for English speaking pastor—he explained to me.

It was crazy, but all of sudden George became a part-time pastor in the Japanese small church and I, who was not even a believer yet, became a pastor’s wife. On top of that I was asked to be George’s interpreter. That forced me to pay my full attention to what George spoke to the congregation and Bible verses he read. I didn’t have time to yarn any more.

God moved the 2nd piece.

Since I was not Christian, George and I were not equally yoked. We didn’t have a good start of the marriage. We were arguing constantly. However, each time George got upset and left for somewhere, he came back with apology.

Saying,” I am sorry,” is very difficult for me even now days, but he was able to do so, and as he said, “ I’m sorry,” my calloused heart got soften and I could say, “I’m sorry,” too. I was curious why he could become so humble.

Then one day I noticed he was praying. He would say to me, “ God is offering His hand to us. We only need to take His hand, and then He will transform us.” That’s it! George is patient and humble because he is holding God’s hand. Then me, too! I want to hold His hand, too! —It was the first time I truly desired to get close to God.

Geo holding God's hand

A birthday card I made for George in the year when I noticed he is holding God’s hand and I desired it, too.

God moved the 3rd piece. This time it was the game changer, the very powerful piece.

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