How I Came to Love Jesus: Faith Journey Testimony #1

The Lord has been so good to me. He has been watching over me even before I got to know Him. He has been faithful and guiding me to His path according to His amazing plan with Grace and Marcy. Coming to know there is God who loves me was the very best thing that has ever happened in my life.


I was born and grew up in Japan, where Christian population is less than 5 %. My parents would worship their ancestors and multiple gods, but because next door was a church, they sent me to the Sunday School and the preschool, which belonged to the church. I loved both schools and enjoyed listening to Jesus’ stories and singing hymns. I learned how to pray just like learning how to use chopsticks and would pray every night.

But as I grew older my mind was getting crowded with other interests, and especially when I encountered Mormons, who told me as a middle school girl, they were the true Christians, while my Sunday School teacher told me to stay away from them, for the first time I learned there are false churches, and teachings. I got scared and concluded that the religion was too dangerous to pursue. I stopped going to a church or praying for next 20 +years until I married George.

Marriage changes our lives, and my case was not an exception.
When George proposed me, he asked me one thing, “ Will you seek God with me?”

That time George was an English Adult School teacher, and I was a typical Japanese who believed whatever, people said, had a superpower including charms and fortunetellers. I was ignorant about God, but arrogantly said to him,
“ No problem. I used to go to Sunday school and I know Jesus already. Christmas is His birthday and Easter is His resurrection!”

I thought what George was asking me was like going to Starbucks every Sunday. Peace of Cake!

So George took me to Neighborhood Church. It was 21 years ago. My English was so poor that a pastor’s message was way over my head. I was so bored and reluctant to go there.

George also started an ESL Bible study at our house inviting his students. I joined the class, of cause, but I had attitude thinking like, “ Adam and Eve were the first human beings? No. A monkey is our origin. Adam lived for 930 years? Are you telling me to believe such a fairly tale? You are kidding me!”

On the other hand, I was showing our boys Japanese traditional festivals, or seasonal customs, all of which were some forms of worshipping idles or gods, and everything what I did became subjects for questions for George. “ Why do you give food to those dolls?” “What is this ornament? What does this mean?” He constantly asked questions, which was annoying, and I felt like becoming Christian is quitting Japanese. I didn’t like it at all.

Then God moved His piece.

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