Off Chemo Again

Since the number of white cell count ( Neutrophill) went way down the border line, as I was afraid, the doctor stopped chemo, Abraxane infusion this and next week.
That means I could get only 63 % of the full dose in this first cycle. A five week break from chemo felt so long that I eagered to get back on the treatment, but here again! I am off chemo not even finishing the first cycle.
I am so disappointed, but it was also true that I was not doing well for the last two weeks running fevers, feeling sluggish, and having some aches and pains. I know that if the white cell count is low, I am susceptible to any disease.
From tomorrow, I will give a shot of Neutrogena, a drug to boost up the count, for three days. Hope that will help me go back to battle quickly.

After the consultation with the doctor, I went to a chemo ward to receive only Herceptin, an antibody drug, had a chest x-ray and a urinary test just in case, and then went to the pharmacy to pick up Neutrogena. It was about 1:30pm. I walked out to a parking lot, but made a U-turn deciding to go to an urgent care to take care of some pain I have experienced for last three days.
I remembered that organ transplant patients, who have to use drugs to suppress their immune system for the rest of their lives, could die because of it. I am not using immunosuppressants, but right now I am like them, and today is Friday. I’d better to see a doctor instead of regretting later.

I had to wait for about two and a half hours. After all, a doctor told me that the pain may be caused by mild urinary tract infection and prescribed an antibiotic. I went back to the pharmacy to pick it up. When I got home after stopping two grocery stores, it was after 5pm. I left home this morning around 8:30. what a long day! I was exhausted but hope I will feel better tomorrow!

One thought on “Off Chemo Again

  1. Dear friend,
    I so hope and pray that you are feeling better today(Sunday) and are well enough to give your testimony this evening.
    I will miss seeing you tonight but many other friends are planning to attend.
    I will be back from NYC on the sixth of October – maybe you will feel up to a short walk?
    Love you!

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