It was not even 3AM, but I was so awake that I decided to get up. Saturday morning, after I walked at a beach with George, although it was only 30 minutes, I got exhausted and slept all afternoon. Probably that was the reason. Yet, compared with last week, which was the first week of Abraxane and Herceptin, this week,
I had a good appetite, no fever, and was able to walk. I am grateful.

I opened up emails, and found an email from a virtual breast cancer community, where people share their good and bad news, or encouragements and comforts.

Among many journals, one read:
” the metastasized cancer in the liver grew and now the biggest one is 7.5cm, and 3cm ones are found about 20. Does anyone have any good advice? Please help my mom!”

How about a surgery or radiation to cut it out? I wondered, but I knew I was out of my league. While thinking that someday my cancer may grow big like her mother’s, I was rather observing the reality of cancer, which doesn’t stop, but keeps growing.

Last Tuesday I saw ” War Room” with the Bible study class. It was the great inspirational movie about how powerful prayers were.
Mrs. Clara, one of main characters, who called her closet, where she prays and talks with God, a war room, said that a prayer is not a wish list with ” amen” at the end. When we surrender to God asking what He wants us to do, and are ready to obey Him, we will receive what we were really looking for.
George says to pray for someone just like how we want to be prayed.

I can’t give any advice to that lady whose mom was agonizing with the growing cancer in the liver, but I can pray.
I can pray for people, who are suffering with the same disease as mine, that God will get rid of tears, fears, desperation, and pains, open up a door of an effective treatment, restore His hope and peace, give time as long as possible to be with the beloved ones, and most importantly may their trust in God grow stronger and stronger standing firm on the Rock.

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