Next Chemo Is Abraxane

In a meeting with my primary oncologist, I decided to try Abraxane with Herceptin as the next regimen.

I was hopeful with the immunotherapy TIL trial, but learned that if I wanted to be in the trial, I had to fly to Bethesda to have a surgery to remove a cancer tumor, it would take 6-8 weeks to grow lymphocyte (a kind of white blood cell), and I had to admit to an ICU for four weeks for the infusion because of the high risk. The trial seems to have so many obstacles that I decided to leave it for the future and start conventional chemo, which are already available, first.

Abraxane is basically the same chemical as Taxol, which I used twice. Then, the chance for Abraxane to work looks very slight, but according to the oncologist, there are many cases to use Abraxane after Taxol failed. If it works, it may be great just like Taxol bringing me into a remission. The side effect, peripheral neuropathy, is another concern. After Taxol really damaged my nerve system, I am afraid that Abraxane may worsen it. Yet until I try it, nobody knows how effective it will be or how bad the side-effect will be.

Meanwhile, I will also have a gene test to find out if my cancer is susceptible to Afinitor, which is originally a hormone positive breast cancer drug. Dr. Slamon recently discovered that it is also effective for HER2 positive, which is my type, if the certain genes are susceptible.

There is one more chemo, Gemzar, I haven’t used yet, but the oncologist told me to save it for the MM-302 clinical trial. MM-302 is an antibody drug just like Herceptin. The trial compares MM-302 with Gemzer or Xeloda. Since I already used Xeloda, if I want to be in the trial I have to be a “virgin” for Gemzer.

I am so grateful that now I have several cards to play with. I will start Abraxane next Friday.

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  1. I am so Happy to hear that there are options. I will be praying that this new procedure is the answer for you. I believe God has provided this for you and it will be successful if we trust God’s decision.

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