Jesus Loves Me

It was Sunday. The day to go to church.

Although I received the next options from Dr. Slamon, thinking of being off the treatment already for a month, my heart was overcast with anxiety, again. Yet at the church, my anxiety was replaced with peace.

Lyrics of the songs and the message of the pastor touched my heart.
The smiles and the kind words from everyone comforted me.
Testimonies of friends’ faith journeys deepened my appreciation for them, and as I thought how blessed I am being surrounded by such outstanding sisters and brothers in Christ, I was filled by God’s tender love and my gratitude overcame the anxiety. Though I had to change my posture several times at a pew being attacked by muscle cramps, I was even joyous.

God loves me. He is with me. Then even if I go down to the “ valley of the shadow of death” I don’t have to be afraid of anything. Even if my body falls apart, God is preparing for me a new body, which will never be sick or die. For the ones who believe in Christ, death is not the end but the beginning of the glory. It is a victory!  I was encouraged.

The following is one of inspiring hymns we sang at the church.

Jesus Loves Me

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