Options Were Given

I have waited for three months to see Dr. Slamon – since May when I made a phone call to make an appointment with him. Finally the day I was longing to see him came.

At the waiting room, George and I waited, and even after we were led to an exam room, we waited more almost for one hour. George said, “ In the past 5 and a half years we have waited for a long time.” Indeed, I wait for clinics, exams, test results, and new magical drugs. I’ve learned being patient.

Finally I heard the knocks on the door, and Dr. Slamon came in with his young assistant with smile and offered a handshake as though we were long time friends.

“ How have you been?” He asked. I told him that cancer has been progressing, but my onc seems to have run out the options, so in order to recover my body from the side-effects, I have been off treatments almost one month. Then his face became serious and we exchanged a lot of questions and responses.

At the end he gave me four recommendations: First he told me to look into TIL immunotherapy trial, which I found a few weeks ago. Second, if it seems too long to wait for the treatment of the trial, try Abraxan, which is the different form of Taxol I have already used, with Herceptin. Besides those two, he mentioned MM302 trial, which is another immunotherapy trial, and Haraven, chemo, invented in Japan, as well. All of them have risks and slight chances to control cancer, but I got excited receiving even four options.

I will look into those options, pray, and choose the best one.

One thought on “Options Were Given

  1. Isn’t this the most wonderful news? It really gives me hope that there are more options for you than we knew existed.
    What a great Doctor – definitely worth the wait.
    Prayers and blessings to you and George!

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