Facebook: Giant computer Lab in Theme Park

Facebook where Soh took us was like a giant computer lab of a campus in a theme park.


Taking pictures of a working place or employees was prohibited. This is a model of one of Facebook buildings

In a huge open floor without walls and ceiling were hundreds or maybe even thousands of big size computers lined up in numerous rows like waves, and in front of them were all young students looking like “kids” sitting. They wore casual, something like jeans and t-shirts. Nobody was in suits and ties.
Here and there were meeting booths with glass doors, in which the “kids” were scribbling some equations or sentences on the walls just like drawing grafiti. In such a lab, visitors like us were walking around.
Soh told me that there were about a thousand interns and four thousand employees. For them and their guests, numerous huge cafeterias, restaurants, snack bars, a game center, gym, post office, bank, clinics including a dentist, and even a barbershop were provided for free. ( Soh said he is eating three meals there.)


One of cafeterias. Everything is all you can eat for free. The food was four stars!


The street of Facebook. There are many kinds of free restaurants.

Around noon, the cafeterias and restaurants quickly became busy with long lines and the street of the “campus” looked like a street of a theme park with the hot excitement of the young.
There is no work schedule. They come and leave whenever they want, and take breaks as many as they want or as long as they want. Once they taste such freedom, perhaps they don’t want to go anywhere else.
I felt the power of the young generation, the new work concept, and myself being totally out of date.

On the other hand, I am so thankful that Soh, who has ADHD and was barely graduated from high school, grew so much that now he is able to work in such a great environment.
We never know how our lives turn out.

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