Recovery Is Slow

A week after I stopped chemo, I went to the lab again to see if the bad numbers were improved or not. Those are platelet count, liver enzymes, and Bilirubin.
The platelet count was 63K. Last week, it recovered from 75K to 79K. I thought it was a good sign, but now it has plunged again. The count in last week was a mistake? I don’t know why it is still reclining. To be a candidate of the clinical trial, I need at least 100K. How many weeks will it take to reach 100K? I wonder.

The big surprise of the lab result last week was the elevated number of Bilirubin. It was almost double as my average and exceeded out of the normal range. The number of Bilirubin shows the function level of the liver, and the liver transplant patients I met always paid attention to this number. If the number becomes high, Jaundice appears. Thankfully this number dropped to the normal range.

A liver enzyme, ALT, also dropped. Yet, other enzymes, ALP and ADH were high. The oncologist told me that if it increases more, I should have a bone scan. She is probably concerned that cancer spread to the bones, but I haven’t had pain anywhere yet, and even if we find cancer in the bones, without chemo, I would not gain any, but only be exposed to radiation.

Since I stopped chemo, cancer is growing everyday, I guess. The most important thing for me is to recover the liver function and platelet count ASAP. Yet, I am afraid it may take longer than what I wish.

If God is going to sustain my life, if that is His plan, I have to be patient and wait upon Him to recover my body and open a new door of the next treatment.

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  1. Hi Kathy, my very dear friend,
    Praying that God opens new doors of treatment for you soon and, until that time, stay strong and keep fighting. Your strength is amazing. I’m home next week and will call you. Love Susan

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