Immunotherapy Clinical Trial in Bethesda

Recently Immunotherapy has been a hot topic. While most of immunotherapies are still in the phase 1 trial, I found a immunotherapy trial which just started the phase 2 study, which is encouraging because this trial looks hopeful and reachable for me.

In this spring I went to the dentist to remove an implant as an oral surgeon told me it could be necrosis , chronic infection, or even cancer. The dentist introduced the newest treatment called L-PRF; making a concentrated white cell clot from my blood and placed it in my lesion site. Four months later, the lesion was completely healed.

The immunotherapy clinical trial appears  something like that.

“Taking white blood cells from patients’ tumors, growing them in the laboratory in large numbers, and then giving the cells back to the patient. These cells are called Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes, or TIL ,” said the description of the clinical trial.

In the past study, more than 200 melanoma patients received this TIL treatment, and cancer of about 50% of the patients shrank. This sounds so exciting.

The trial is for metastatic digestive tract, urothelial, breast, or ovarian cancer.

Because there is only one arm, if I can be in the trial, I will be definitely able to receive the treatment.

The treatment is once only and the rest is observation follow up.

This might be it!

I emailed the oncologist asking if I would be eligible or not.

The location of this trial is Bethesda in MD. Bethesda is a name of a miraculous pool in the Bible, where the sick and the disabled would step in to be cured, and where Jesus performed a miracle for a man who wanted to step in the pool, but could not and laid there for 38 years. When I visited there on the Israel trip last year, George and a married couple I met in the tour put their hands on my shoulder and prayed for me. Just noticing it’s the same name as the pool, I felt like a miracle might happen, and am simply excited.


Bethesda in Jerusalem


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  1. If Bethesda is the next step Kathy, off you shall go. I am available to go with you if you need me to. I am always available for you. I love you and am proud of you especially for your faith. Mom

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