CT to Evaluate 2nd Use of Kadcyla

After three infusions of Kadcyla (T-DM1), which I ‘d used for 8 months in 2013 for the first time, I went to have a CT scan to see if the 2nd use of it is still working or not.

“ How have you been?” A dreadlocked black nurse I have known since 2010 was exceptionally friendly today and started talking about his family and his hometown in Indiana maybe because it was already after 5pm and the peak of his work was over. He said after Kaiser remodeled the facility this year, the hospital bought a new CT machine so now they can exam more people cutting the waiting time of the exam. It was nice, but I’d rather hear the result promptly—I told him. Then he said if he uses the “STAT “ stamp, a patient can receive the result quickly.

“ Can you do that for me?” I asked him.
“It’s too late today. I need to know ahead.”

If I can get the STAT status, that will be great! I will try to ask him next time. Usually it takes about a week to hear the result, but this time I am hoping to hear the result on this coming Monday when I have an appointment with the oncologist.

I will have a blood work to see the platelet count and the liver enzyme levels on next Tuesday.

Both the CT and the lab are very crucial. Since I am running out of chemo drug options, if I cannot pass those tests, my circumstance will become extremely difficult.
Yet so far I have been in God’s peace and enjoying everyday. May this peace and joy continue and may I have good results!

One thought on “CT to Evaluate 2nd Use of Kadcyla

  1. I pray that you will pass the tests, sweet girl.

    God is faithful & loving always 🙂

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