No Grapefruits for Kadcyla

I started a grapefruit diet about ten days ago wishing to reduce weight.  Gaining weight is probably the consequence of being less active because of the side-effects of chemo. 

While I was researching the diet, I read that grapefruits cleanse the liver and inhibit the liver enzyme. Interesting!  As surging liver enzymes, AST and ALT, has been one of my major concerns being on KadcylaI, I thought the grapefruit diet was a way to go.

I knew that grapefruits sometime react with medicines.  When I was on Tykerb, I was told not to take grapefruits.  George, who is taking an anti-hypertension med, can’t take grapefruits.  So I researched if grapefruits react with Kadcyla or not.  As I didn’t find any clear statements, I gave myself the green signal.  Yet just in case, I decided to ask my oncologist about grapefruits.

Since I already started the diet, I expected and hoped that she would say, “Fine.” Yet to my surprise, she said,

“ Grapefruits can increase toxicity of Kadcyla.  It is better to avoid them.”

Shoot!  I was consuming one and a half grapefruits everyday already.

The lesson:  I need always ask the doctor first before I take or do something extra.
I will see how grapefruits would have affected on Kadcyla in two weeks when I will have the next lab.

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