New Storm Again

“ I don’t think you can continue Cadcyla (T-DM1) for long.”
The oncologist said while we were discussing about my plunged platelet count.

The last lab result showed 75k platelets, which is the minimum requirement number for the infusion ( normal range is 150k-400k). If the platelets go lower next time, I have to postpone the infusion, and even after postponing if it won’t recover, I can’t continue Cadcyla no matter how it is effective.

Comparing with the previous time in 2013, this time my platelet is going down much faster pace along with the faster surging liver enzyme level.
Both are the serious side-effects of Cadcyla and the oncologist explained the reason with a concern that the bone marrow was weakening and functioning poorly being beaten up by the five year continual chemo therapy.

If I give up Cadcyla, what is the next option? I used up all good drugs. The oncologist wants to hear from Dr. Slamon, my 2nd opinion doctor, who invented Herceptin, the life-changing drug for HER2 positive breast cancer, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize. My appointment with him is on Aug. 25th.

God granted the prayers to bring me through the brain MRI. The storms are getting bigger, but God is much bigger than the storms. I must keep holding onto Him and asking for peace, hope, encouragement, and wisdom.

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