Brain MRI Again

I went to take a brain MRI last Friday. The headache, which stopped after a chemo infusion last week, came back this week. It’s constant.
I need to find out if the cause is the brain metastasized cancer or not.
It has been two years since the last MRI. I don’t have to worry about the radiation exposure with a MRI, but I remembered the uncomfortable intense feeling being still in the narrow “tunnel” with the loud noise for 30 minutes.

As soon as I laid down on the hard narrow exam table, which would move into the tunnel, without a pillow, I felt my head was placed lower than the sleeping position, and the mucus dripped down to the throat. I got afraid that the mucus might choke me. The neck and back hurt and I almost felt the cramps would happen. Can I be still for 30 minutes?

The young female technician was preparing the exam putting ear plugs and a helmet on me, and handed me a buzzer saying, “ if something happens, please push this buzzer.” I wondered, “With this buzzer, if I get choked or clamped, can I get out from this tunnel and stand up from the exam table right away?”

Becoming fearful, I prayed.
“Jesus, please protect me. Hold me tight so that I can be still without any trouble.”

Closing eyes though, I felt the exam table was moving into the tunnel, and even with the ear plugs, I heard the laud wild noise.

Finally the exam table I laid on moved out from the tunnel and the exam was over. “You did a good job,” said the technician with a smile, but probably she had no idea that I kept praying all the way.

It will take a week to get a result. I can’t wait, but I know that I will be very nervous as I open it.

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