June 29th, 2015

Wish To Be Better Partner

“Merry Christmas Dad!
We hope you take this website and turn it into something amazing. We believe in your natural talent as a writer and speaker and hope you are able to share it with the world. We love you Dad!
– Soh & Pinky”

Last Christmas, our 2nd son, Soh, who is a web designer, with his wife Pinky, gave a website to George .

Maybe because of the stress from my cancer, George lost his voice in 2012. Since then he has had multiple treatments including an open surgery in February this year, yet he has been still struggling with his weak raspy voice. The website was given hoping to become his new voice.

George has been working on the website. Especially since his last day at Neighborhood Church, he has been in his study day and night until even 2-3 o’ clock in the morning working hard on it, and finally it was launched.

In the website are his faith journey since he was a child, blog, introductions of his new books and seminars, the Bible study, etc. Yes. His long time dream of publishing books is finally coming true by lots of encouragements and nudges from friends and family members.

In his first book, “Dusting For God’s Fingerprints”, he writes:
“Since then my dad had a stroke-dementia-blindness, my wife has Stage 4 Breast Cancer, I have a paralyzed vocal cord and Parkinson’s, my best friend died, and I lost my job. My wife said, “We’ve both turned 60, have cancer, Parkinsons, and no voice – Who the heck would want us?” My only reply, “Maybe God?”… And so we’ve set out on an Abramic journey – old, and not knowing where we’re going – but trusting God does.
I’m tempted sometimes to give up, to give in. There’s enough good reason. It all seems so sad sometimes, and Mr. Toad’s wild ride is getting weary, and yet…
Maybe someday a princess will come, like Megan did in 8th grade, and kiss this old toad, and he’ll become a prince. Maybe there’s still some good news in that old Gospel for me. Maybe we’ll all live happily ever after, after all.”
When I get down, George always encourages me; lifts me up. Not only me, but he encourages anyone who is in need or in despair. That is his gift and vocation. He is always dependable– I thought, but actually he has carried lots of burden. My comment put more weight on him. I was too oblivious to even think about his pressure. I know his faith is strong, but the leader must face much more enemies than the followers. I feel sorry for him and bad that I was insensitive.
I have to pray for him more intensely. I have to be more kind, patient, and understanding him. I pray God to sustain my life a little longer so that I can be his better partner.