Headache Is Gone

The headache, which bothered me everyday for the last whole week stopped all of sudden yesterday. My right ear was also throbbing and ringing, but it stopped as well.

Yesterday was a chemo day. As I woke up with a headache, I took Tylenol before I left for the hospital, and since then all pains and aches have been gone.

If I think that both aches from the head and the ear stopped together, probably they were related. Maybe Tylenol helped temporary but the real helper was the chemo, Kadcyla (T-DM1). If so, the cause could be cancer.

Is Kadcyla so effective that it instantly suppresses cancer?

If it’s so that is great, but if cancer has spread into the brain, that is serious. I am thankful that I am pain free now, but not sure if this means good news or not.

I can’t wait for a brain MRI.

One thought on “Headache Is Gone

  1. Kathy, You always are looking to the good of things, I am so glad the headache is gone, hopefully it is still gone. I still want you to ask George to give you a big HUG for us, as we cannot, at this time, give you one ourselves. Know that Maureen and I think of you often. We are praying for your health, and also for George. We just cannot imagine what you are going through, BUT, God can do more than we can imagine or understand! God IS Good! …….. .. ……..
    With much Love, Jim

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