AST, Liver Enzyme, Is Spiking

After Expressing thankfulness to George for Father’s Day with children, I went for blood work today. In the result, though white cell counts, Bilirubin, and ALT, a liver enzyme, were in normal range, AST, another liver enzyme level was spiking from 32 to 40 almost 30%.

Last week, after two hours of yard work, I had to pay with muscle aches, and developed UTI (Urinary Truck Infection). I got tired easily and was sleeping a lot. Yesterday after all children left, I went to bed around 5pm and slept until 8am this morning.

One symptoms of high AST is fatigue, and I wonder if that was a reason why I was so sleepy recently.

When I had Kadcyla (T-DM1) two years ago, AST increased high, but not from the very beginning, and I don’t think I had fatigue like this time. If AST level continues to spike like this, it will be very difficult to be on Kadcyla for a long time.

Since last week I have had a headache, too. The ache can be at the top, side, or back, and it happens during a day or night. I’ve read that once HER2 positive breast cancer spread to the lungs, in 50% of the cases, cancer spreads into the brain. I will ask for a brain MRI tomorrow at the clinic, just in case.

The Father’s Day was the 6th one since my diagnosis in 2010. Each day, each holiday, if I can spend joyfully, I have to be thankful.

2 thoughts on “AST, Liver Enzyme, Is Spiking

  1. I hope you feel better Kathy. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Maureen and I continue to pray for healing, peace, and comfort, have George give you a hug for us.

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