June 9th, 2015

Pick for My Memorial Service


As I posted in a virtual Metastatic Breast Cancer Community, Inspire,  I’ve joined recently, that I wanted to use “When The Saints Go Marching In” for my memorial, a couple people responded to me sharing their picks, which were hymns and worship songs. Knowing there are some people who think the same way as I do, I am excited.

At the time of the memorial service, I would be gone, of course, but sometimes I hear that a soul leaves from the body and is able to see what is going on around, and I even developed a desire to see my finale on this earth.

The list of the songs includes my original song, “You Are Not Alone”, but below is one of the songs I added onto the list. At my service, I want people to find the hope and rejoice with me saying, ” Yey! Kathy finally made it to the Kingdom receiving eternal life!” I am having a fun thinking whom I want to ask to sing and play. I cannot believe what I am enjoying and what God is doing on me. Knowing Jesus or not makes such an incredible difference.