Going Back to T-DM1

Monday, receiving the approval from my oncologist, I started on T-DM1( Kadcyla) again today.

I have used it in 2013, a little after the FDA had approved this dream med.
As the FDA approved it for metastatic breast cancer, the oncologist first questioned about the use of it for me, who was in remission that time, but at the end she accepted my request, and I was on it for 8 months extending the remission until Dr. Slamon, who invented Herceptin, told me to stop it due to the concern of the side effects, which were the decrease of the platelets numbers and the increase of the liver enzyme level.

However, He told me that I would be able to use it again in future because the reason of stopping was not the progression of disease but the side-effects.

So, I decided to try it again as the 2nd round, though usually the 2nd round is not effective like the first time.

I am wondering if I add one more drug to T-DM1, if it will help the effectiveness. I know a recent clinical trial of T-DM1 and Perjeta showed nothing better than T-DM1 alone, and also have a concern that Perjeta may not be effective for my cancer any way. Despite those concerns, I still hope for some surprise. Or I wonder about adding Abraxane, which is like a brother of Taxol, the med that brought me into the remission, though it will probably worsen the peripheral neuropathy I’ve been suffering since I was on it.

Anyway I will save those questions for the consultation with Dr. Slamon next month. There are quite a few women who have been in remission for 2-3 years with T-DM1 controlling their side effects. I pray that this med will work again for me like those women and give me more time on the earth.

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