AHCC May Enhance Immune System

AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound which is a chemical isolated from the Shiitake mushroom.

I encountered encouraging information that this supplement, can protect the immune system from side effects of chemo, especially from a low white cell count, Neutropenia.

It was last year when I received a box of the supplement, AHCC from my cousin in Japan. She said, “ When I feel coming down with something, I take one package of this, and then I get back energy.”

As she said, as I have tried AHCC for the morning when I woke up with sore throat or fatigue, it worked. Then, since the day I was told by the dentist that my immune system might be weak because of chemo, I have taken this supplement 1g everyday as the label of the bottle suggested.

However I was surprised reading a site, in which multiple terminal pancreas cancer families said AHCC suppressed the side-effects and the patients recovered from poor appetite, fatigue, fever, etc, and even stopped cancer progression when they took it along with their chemo.

I am not sure how reliable those comments are, but also found quite a few articles supporting the effectiveness of AHCC on the immune system with evidence.
This supplement may help preventing not only neutropenia, but also rising liver enzymes.

For the next regimen, I’d like to try T-DM1, which two year ago I had to go off due to the rising liver enzymes. Being encouraged by this information, I also would like to try AHCC with 3g per day, which was the recommended dose for cancer patients.

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