Need More Bullets

A CT result I took last week came back. It said that cancer in the lungs has progressed mildly and indicated that Xeloda as a second round was not working like the first round. I should change the regimen again, but the problem is that my options of chemo are now running out.

My oncologist can think of only two, T-DM1 (Kadcyla ) and Gemzer.

T-DM1 is a so-called dream medicine I longed for two years ago, and I was on it for 8 months. I stopped it following an opinion of Dr. Slamon, who invented Herceptin, as he was concerned about the spiking liver enzymes. That time, he told me that I could use T-DM1 again in the future because I would stop it due to not the progression of disease but the side effect. Yet, since Xeloda as well as Taxol, the previous chemo, didn’t work like the first round, though they were used in the different regimens, I am afraid that T-DM1 may also fail in the 2nd round.

Gemzer is a medicine, which was recommended by UCLA Medical Center when I received the metastatic diagnoses in 2012. In the end I chose Taxol instead of Gemzer; this is the only chemo I haven’t tried yet. However, my oncologist told me that her patients have not been doing well with this chemo because a side effect, an effect on the white cell count, is nasty.

The oncologist will consult with other doctors for my next step, but meanwhile, I thought I should ask Dr. Slamon, a prominent doctor, again if he can give me some creative options, so I called to make an appointment with him.

I hope there are some medical trials, which are available for me, or even considering Dendritic vaccine, which was not approved by the FDA yet, available in the Cayman Islands.

Because of the bad report of the CT and the fact that I am running out the medicines, my spirit was knocked down, so I opened the Bible and spent time reading it for two hours.
“ You belong to Christ Jesus,” “ God will keep you strong to the end.”

Being encouraged, I went to the Bible study at night carrying many roses to share the thanks of the 5 year survival with each person who came to the study.

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  1. I know God will choose the right avenue for you to take as far as the treatments go. You are truly his servant Kathy and he will Bless and Care for you every day. God has seen you thru so much and he will carry you thru so much more. You are my Precious Daughter-in-Law and I love you so much. Mom

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