Cancer Diagnosis 5th Anniversary

It has been 5 years since my diagnosis of breast cancer and now I will start the 6th year of the battle. On May 8th five years ago, everything turned upside down and my life has changed ever since. I could not think of the future, but I made it to 5 years! At the very beginning, I was told that my cancer was stage ll, but it should have been stage four because cancer had been already spread into the lungs. When I went to UCLA Medical center for a 2nd opinion, I was told that I would not have been able to survive for four years. If I think of that, it is a miracle that I am still alive.

Spiritual Prime Time

Physically my prime time was over long time ago. For the last five years chemo, radiation, and surgeries have beaten my cancer cells but also good cells.  My body has been damaged and lost some abilities, yet, spiritually I feel like I have grown and now I am in the prime time with the maturity and strength.

This is all because God has poured into me His love.  Immediately after cancer invaded my life, not mention the family and relatives, but also so many friends came closer into my life. If I think there was not even one day when I didn’t feel loved, it is evitable to believe that God came and has stayed right next to me as soon as I asked for the rescue.

Cancer has been growing and the harsh chemo will never end. I have no idea how many more years I have, yet my joy of being loved is more abundant than all the difficulties and I cannot express it enough. Even if the death sentence would come tomorrow, my wish to send each person, who has cheered, cared, supported, and prayed for me, a red rose with my gratitude wouldn’t change.

Death Is Like Cocoon

We all die sometime. Even if another miracle happened right now and I were cured, I will die someday anyway. According to the Bible, the paradox is when we die, the dream of living happily ever after will come true. We will receive the new body, which never gets sick or dies, when Jesus returns on the last day of the earth. Both the living and dead, who believed Jesus as Messiah, will transform into the new body all together (1 Corinthian 15:52). Therefore, when the dead wake up, everyone, whom they loved would be there including the people who had died before and after; only the people left behind have to grieve.

If it’s so, death is the triumph. An earthly body will deteriorate and decay, but it is like a cocoon, an empty leftover of a butterfly, which is much more beautiful and free than a caterpillar, a previous status. We are the same. We need to focus on the new body instead of the old body, and God, who gives it to us as the Creator.

Whether we have cancer or not, until God calls us to go home, we have to enjoy every gift we receive from Him, accomplish the purpose He gave us, and welcome the most joyful day. That is the way of life the Bible teaches us, I believe.

Oh, How great our Lord is!! Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “Cancer Diagnosis 5th Anniversary

  1. Such powerful testimony of faith!
    Yes Hallelujah! Our Lord is great!
    Praying, sweet girl ;).

  2. Thank you for rejoicing with me! He is truly the rock and I can’t live even one day without Him!

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