May 2nd, 2015

Waite Upon the Lord

Waiting is always difficult: Waiting to see someone I love, test results, or even for food at a restaurant.

In Japan there is a famous beloved story of a dog who was waiting for his owner at a train station month after month though the owner went to war and never came back. I feel so sorry for the dog, thinking how discouraging and lonly to wait for the owner.

In the midst of a trial, it is very hard to wait for relief to come. Yet the Bible tells us to wait upon the Lord patiently. “Patient” means “long-suffering”, and “Love is patient,” according to the Bible.

In the ESL Bible study, we discussed about how to wait upon the Lord while it is difficult. My answers were; #1. Praying and listening to God’s Word through the Bible. #2. Remembering how God was faithful to me in the past protecting me and guiding me. #3. Encouraging each other with Christian friends, who also have the faith.

And #4, I learned, to serve someone. Usually we think we have to be strong and fine first in order to serve someone else. Yet actually we should go out to serve someone else especially when we are discouraged or depressed because at such a moment we tend to obsess about ourselves and close up to inner and inner, according to George.

As the next CT scan is scheduled on next Wednesday, a temptation of fear is growing, yet God sent me help. After the study, I have called several senior friends to see them. My life is in God’s hand. Trusting Him to take care of it, I will go to serve for His Kingdom.

Inspiring Real Story of Miracle

After learning to serve others while waiting upon the Lord in George’s ESL Bible class, I encountered just a perfect story, which fit the study. It calls “Anew” in a small magazine, “Guideposts” with a subtitle of “TRUE STORIES OF HOPE AND INSPIRATION”, which I received as I visited an 88 year-old friend.

55 Year-Old Man Diagnosed with Head-Neck Stage IV Cancer


Greg, who had a career of plumbing, roofing, insulating, and furniture-restoration, was told that his body would not take any more radiation after three rounds of chemotherapy and 40 rounds of radiation therapy.

He removed his teeth preventing a side effect, used a feeding tube due to the difficulty of swallowing , had no appetite, lost weight, and was troubled with constant fatigue and headache.

“What if it gets worse?”, “ How long do I have left?” The single man couldn’t help losing hope.

One day when he took a walk with his dog, he sat on steps of an old abandoned church and prayed, “ Lord, before I leave this earth, I want to do something for you.”
As he finished praying and was ready to leave there, he felt God speaking to him: to restore the church.

The condition of the church was so horrible that it would take a few years that he probably wouldn’t have—he thought. Yet not being able to ignore the voice of God, he called a man who had the key of the church.
“ I’d like to restore the church from top to bottom. I don’t expect anything in return. It would just be a way for me to serve the Lord,” said Greg.

One Day At a Time For God

From the next day, Greg went to the church to fix it, one day at a time. His sister worried about his health, but his answers to her were surprising: He told her that he could get up with energy and was eager to go to the church, had a good appetite, and never felt alone while he sang hymns and prayed during the work at the church.

One day at a time, one week, and one month…he continued to fix the church. After five years past, the church was renewed, and more amazingly his cancer got smaller and his health was restored as well. He is now in remission.


After I read the story, I was so encouraged with Greg, who wanted to give his time for the Lord. A miracle is a miracle because it doesn’t happen to everyone. Yet still this gave me hope and inspiration. Thanks for the friend, who gave me the magazine, and GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!