Give Thanks Today Again

” I have to be on chemo for good.”
As I said so, my 87 year-old mother said sadly, ” How come God doesn’t heal you?”
Around her and me are some people who completed the cancer treatments and have enjoyed their good health for many years. I can’t blame her for asking such a question.

However, the Bible tells to be thankful for what we have instead of wanting what we don”t have.

“I can tell you now, but at the beginning a doctor told me ‘three years’. Yet I’ve been surviving for 5 years. This is a miracle.”
I replied.

The cancer diagnosis was a big shock, but during those five years old friendships revived, and many new friendships with the old, young, healthy, and sick were developed. Always there are somebodies who are praying for me, willing to deliver food, sending me encouragements through cards, emails, or face to face, and sharing good times with me. Though I am in crisis losing securities for a so-called a happy life such as health and finance, receiving incredible supports, I could come to Japan, again. If those are not God’s blessings, what were those?

When Saint Paul lost his eyesight and prayed for the healing, God didn’t grant his prayer. Instead, He said His grace was sufficient for Paul. My cancer hasn’t gone away, but I also have received His Grace abundantly.
Not only me, but nobody has a guarantee for tomorrow. If I think that today’s life, food, and a place to sleep are all gifts from God, my gratefulness overflows, and I feel keen affection towards God. No matter what is waiting in the future, He will be beside me and love me tenderly.
My Mom is doing fine and so am I. This is wonderful! I would like to thank God again today with a smile towards Him.

One thought on “Give Thanks Today Again

  1. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    I love to hear about God’s Grace. It is a
    gift that we do not deserve, but God’s
    unconditional & everlasting love is real
    and always there.

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