19 Year Old Hero Who Finished The Race

Lauren Hill, who was fighting against brain cancer but said that she might not pass Christmas last year, passed away.

The last her picture in the facebook written by her mom on 4/6 was smiling and waiving on the bed
Even after she was under the care of Hospice in last December, and in a wheelchair, she continued to participate in basketball games as an honorable coach for her collage team, raised more than $2.5 millions through multiple campaigns for brain cancer research just for a few months until her death, and had visited the same brain cancer children as she to encourage them. She was an amazing relentless warrior.

As we face death, we realize what is important in life. Itt could be a family, God, fame, or even one’s own beauty for some people, but for Lauren, those were basketball, family and friends, and to “kick the butt of brain cancer.” She gave her best for these until the very end and that perhaps inspired so many. An article said, “Numbers can’t begin to define a life,” and praised Lauren, who “moved the nation.”

I believe that we are given purposes and tasks to accomplish for God’s Kingdom. I have to live finding my purpose and achieve the tasks like Lauren. She was my hero and a great example to follow. Now her suffering is over and she has received a new body, which never gets sick or dies, although she is missed by so many. Well done Lauren!

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