Everything Was Good Until I Opened Email

Great Wheelchair Service

In order to minimize my trouble with hand-foot syndrome, which makes my feet so sensitive and easy to get painful, I used a wheelchair service from checking in at LAX to the arrival gate of the destination, Nagoya airport, in Japan.  This was indeed a good idea. The assistants who pushed my wheelchair were so kind that I didn’t need to carry or pick up my heavy luggage or to stand on long lines at all.

George told me later that some cancer woman was kicked off the boarding because she didn’t have a doctor’s note and he was afraid it was me.  Yet, it was not me!

A Surprise Encounter

Another surprise, which made my flight so wonderful, was an encounter with a Japanese woman at LAX.  As I sat at the boarding gate starting emailing, a senior woman who sat next to me asked if I could watch her suitcase while she would go to buy a bottle of water in English.

“Would you like something?  I can get it for you.”

Her kindness and friendliness made me feel open to her, and wondering if she was Japanese, I responded to her in Japanese.  Then Bingo!  We immediately became friends.

Sharing her adventurous life all the way to Japan including her difficult childhood, multiple  vocations such as a  dancer, actress, dealer, and more in Japan as well as in Las Vegas, loss of her husband, breast cancer, and stroke, she said, “I love cooking. I would happy to cook for you.  Why don’t you visit me in Las Vegas sometime?” Then we said, “See you again,” promising to call each other once we get back to the U.S..

It Was Freezing

When I arrived at Narita in Japan, it was only 39F˚.  Looking at cold rain, which was even snow in the morning, from the grass wall of the airport, where I transited to a domestic airline to the last destination, Nagoya, I was concerned about the sandals I was wearing. I had looked for shoes for rainy days, but regular shoes put pressure from all sides on my feet and made them red and burning.  I couldn’t find any comfortable shoes except sandals.  Thankfully rain already stopped when I landed at Nagoya, but probably I have to continue to hunt for shoes for rainy days ahead even in Japan.

 Big Mistake

Everything  was smooth and good until I opened my email at my mom’s house.

“We are waiting for you!”

There were two emails from my friend.

While I was enjoying the conversation with my new friend on the airplane, eight of my elementary friends were waiting for me at a restaurant on the cold rainy day.  I thought our reunion was the 9th, but it was actually the 8th.  We had confirmed several times about the date, but still I wrote down the wrong date in my planner.  At least knowing that they still had a good time without me made me feel better, but it was a horrible mistake and I felt awful.  Becoming worried about other (re)unions with other friends, I checked the dates again.  They were fine; no more mistakes.

Oh Lord, please help me!



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