March 26th, 2015

Going To Japan Again

I was not sure if it was a good time to go to Japan because George and I have so much stuff going on this year, but as my mom will be 88 this summer – and that is a big special number in Japan – George encouraged me to go saying, “ This may be the last time for your mom or for you to see each other. “
So I decided to go leaving on 4/7 for two weeks.

Roy, our elder son, first left for Japan with his friend today. Using a Japan Rail Pass, which allows non-Japanese tourists to ride on trains as much as they like for a certain period of the time, he is going to travel all over Japan with his friends – including two more in Japan – besides seeing my family.
As he was sick last weekend, I told him the night before his departure to buy Tylenol and masks at LAX reminding him that Japan was still very cold. Although he is 32, I am worried if he could get around safely without getting sick or getting into troubles over there that is a foreign country for him. Then he told me that I should watch myself for the safe smooth travel, too.

He is right. This time I have to travel all by myself. I can’t lift up my left arm because of the lymphedema and the aftereffect of the radiation therapy. I am also concerned with hand-foot syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and muscle cramps. So I requested a wheelchair service at the airports, LAX and Japan. With this service, at least I can minimize all troubles at the airports.

For the younger son, Soh, and his wife, Pinky, who are leaving for Japan a week after me, this trip is the first one to travel all by themselves, as well. Since they don’t know Japanese, I am worried if they can make it with a four-hour travel from Tokyo to Toyohashi, the hometown of my sister, exchanging the trains.

Anyway, I am thankful for them who decided to make efforts to see my mom to express their appreciations of many years with me. I am also thankful for George, who cannot make it because he is in the middle of his job transition but still encouraged me to go, and at last for God who allowed me to go once again despite of all concerns.